Hey guys welcome back to another post, well first of all i want to wish all you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best for 2019! Hope you had a great start and an amazing Christmas. Today’s post is another review on Body Shops Drops Of Youth Face Peel, who has peeled? do you know what that is? i’m going to be honest i never knew what it was, had… Read More

Hey guys i’m back, this time with food topic, I LOVE FOOD who else loves to eat? 🙂 Ola pessoal, estou de volta e desta vez vim falar de COMIDA! Quem mais ama comer? Well i’m actually a meat lover, (some people will hate me for this) but i have to be honest with you all, a dish with out meat is NOT a dish for me. Meat has to be included… Read More

Hey guys welcome back. I have decided to start doing reviews on items that i buy. Last week i bought a Smart Bracelet from Amazon, it’s pretty amazing considering the price i paid. Arrived super fast, in such a nice little box with instruction manual, charger and the Bracelet, each items inside individual little boxes. SO CUTE!! You need to download the App that connects your phone to the Bracelet, it’s easy… Read More

Hey Lovely people! This post will be another review but this time on a theater play that i went and watch. I will not be translating this one as its a UK based play so doesn’t make sense translating it in Portuguese. Sorry my amazing Portuguese readers. Has any one heard or gone to see this play? it’s not popular but the theater was quite full! (THE OLD VIC). It’s quite a… Read More