Hey guys welcome back to another post! Today’s is a little more “political”. If you live in London you have heard of the famous ULEZ I have had enough of it and it has not even started! What is ULEZ you ask? well if you live in London and you have a car but you have not heard of it…then god be with you. Let me try and explain what it is… Read More

I don’t know how people can spend their day driving around London. My dad is a driver so drives all day and i have no idea how he copes, it’s a jungle out there. I love driving, don’t really go anywhere without my car, but i get extremely stressed out. Nao sei como ah pessoas que conseguem passar o dia tudo a conduzir em Londres. O meu pai e condutor entao passa… Read More

Hey guys welcome back. If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that i had issue with my phone last week. APPLE let me down ONCE AGAIN. I decided to make a post about my view and opinion on Apple and why i have converted to Samsung gang. Ola pessoal bem vindos! Se me seguem no Facebook, ja sabem que tive um problema com o meu telemovel na semana passada. Apple… Read More