Hey guys welcome back to another post. Its said today is International Woman’s Day, but let me tell you something… It’s woman’s day everyday! No i am not being snooty, i just don’t see why there has to be a special day where woman are treated well, with respect, given gifts, taken out for meals… why can this not be done all year round? Ola maltinha bem vindos de volta para outro… Read More

Hello welcome back to day 2 of My 10 days of Blogging. ¬†Today I want to Mention the important people in my life. Ola Bem-vindos ao 2 dia dos 10 dias de Blogging. Hoje quero mencionar as pessoas importantes na minha vida.¬† First on my list is my Family!! They are always my priority and top of my list, before I do things, or make decisions, they are the first people I… Read More