Hey guys I’m back, how are you all? Sorry i have been absent from here but i will explain it all now…. 🙂 Ola malta tudo bem? Tou de volta. Desculpem estar ausente mas vou explicar agora tudo…. 🙂 I have been very busy and at the same time unwell the last couple of weeks, as most of you know i suffer from mental health issues and struggle to do my day… Read More

Hey guys, as you may know or maybe not, the 11th to 17th of May is Mental Health Awareness Week…  If you have been following me you know I myself suffer from a mental health disorder anxiety/depression. You can read about it Mental health. Ola malta, como devem saber ou talvez nao, do dia 11 and 17 de Maio e a semana da Saude Mental… Se ja me seguem algum tempo sabem que eu tambem sofro com… Read More