Hey guys welcome back, i have decided to post the rest of my “book” on here weekly, so every week a new section will come out… we are still in chapter one continuing from last time… if you have  not read the first part the link is here…Chapter ONE,  Hope you enjoy what follows… Thank you again for all your support.   Chapter ONE  part 2  Outside was a sunny spring day,… Read More

Hey guys welcome back to another post. Its said today is International Woman’s Day, but let me tell you something… It’s woman’s day everyday! No i am not being snooty, i just don’t see why there has to be a special day where woman are treated well, with respect, given gifts, taken out for meals… why can this not be done all year round? Ola maltinha bem vindos de volta para outro… Read More

Hey guys, remember i done a post about my friends Hen-do in Amsterdam?? Trip to Holand? well it was her wedding last week. Beautiful, she looked stunning!! Malta lembram-se de eu ter ido a Amesterdão para a despedida de solteira da minha amiga? Entao ela casou-se na semana passada. Tao bonito ela estava deslumbrante!! There was two weddings, one was the Civil and the second was her cultural one! The Civil one… Read More

I don’t know how people can spend their day driving around London. My dad is a driver so drives all day and i have no idea how he copes, it’s a jungle out there. I love driving, don’t really go anywhere without my car, but i get extremely stressed out. Nao sei como ah pessoas que conseguem passar o dia tudo a conduzir em Londres. O meu pai e condutor entao passa… Read More