Hello guys how are you all doing? Hope you haven’t missed me much hahaha! Ola pessoal Tudo bem por aqui? Tiveram saudades minhas? hahaha Well, if you follow me on Instagram you probably have guessed why i have been away from here… 🙂 I have decided to MOVE from UK. I had spoken about this though back in May i think… the link to the post right here

Hey Guys, firstly I would like to ask something that’s been bothering me, (probably will be a stupid question.. which is normal) BUT why is it called EURO-VISION when even AUSTRALIA takes part in it?! Ola Malta, entao em primeiro lugar gostava de saber uma coisa que me tem estado a dar voltas ao cerebro, (provavelment uma pergunta esupida como habitual) MAS porque e que se chama EUROVISAO se ate a Australia… Read More