Hey guys welcome back to my post, this is a up-to date post written at the minute. A bit different but i think its good to show you guys that life is not always a rainbow, we bloggers, influence’s, actors, all have our good days and our bad days like everyone else.   As you know if you follow me on Instagram, i was away for a week in Portugal, went with… Read More

Hello guys, how we all doing this week?? February has landed… (seriously where has January gone?), people have been telling me they feel like January dragged on, but i didn’t even see it! This month is HEART MONTH,so its hearth awareness in other words. I rather think that we look after our hearts through the year, and not just when it’s February, awareness is for all sorts of heart issues that we… Read More

Hello Hello, I know i haven’t been consistent lately and not posting as i should be, but i have a reason… MY BLOODY ANXIETY IS BACK! I have suffered from this for the past 4 years, there are times i can go weeks with out it surfacing, then out of the blue BOOM… here i am!! (Not the type of surprises i like) Ola malta! Eu sei que nao tenho publicado e… Read More