Hey Guys, as promised though my social media, the recipe from my last week dinner is now available here..:) INGREDIENTS : Depending on how many people you cooking for i used these for 4 people. 2 Garlic Cloves 1 Bunch Coriander 2 packs of minced beef 1 coffee spoon of tomato puree 150g Balsamic Rice 1 small glass of Red Whine 1 pack of Cheddar cheese Preparation: Peel and grate the garlic… Read More

Hey guys i’m back, this time with food topic, I LOVE FOOD who else loves to eat? 🙂 Ola pessoal, estou de volta e desta vez vim falar de COMIDA! Quem mais ama comer? Well i’m actually a meat lover, (some people will hate me for this) but i have to be honest with you all, a dish with out meat is NOT a dish for me. Meat has to be included… Read More

Hey guys. As I mentioned on my post My Goals for 2018(click the link to have a read), one of my goals is to have a better lifestyle, eat healthier, exercise more look after myself in general. Ola malta. Eu ja tinha dito no meu post My Goals for 2018(carreguem no link para lerem), que um dos meus objjectivos era ter uma vida mais saudavel, comer melhor, fazer exercisio e cuidar de… Read More