Hey guys welcome back to Cabana’s World, i promised i would post chapters of my “BOOK” on here for you guys to read and give me your feedback! I have finished some of Chapter one so here is a section of the first Chapter…. More will follow if you guys show interest! Really would appreciate your feedback and comments means a lot to me.   With no me delay here it goes!    … Read More

Hello again! Welcome to day 5! Ola! Bem-vindo ao dia 5! Today I thought I would write a small post but with a positive impact. I want to start 2018 with a positive mind and wanted to share some positive quotes with you guys! Hoje pensei em fazer um post pequeno mas com um impacto positivo. Eu quero começar o ano 2018 com uma mente positiva e gostava de partilhar algumas frases… Read More

Hey! I saw loads of you doing VLOGMAS/BLOG MAS, but… I don’t celebrate Christmas so I didn’t want to do BLOG MAS posts. I will however do Daily posts for the next 10days, which are the days I’m off work for Holiday Season. I’ve never done dailies before, as I’m a newbie to this blog business. :), so please  stick with me haha. This is an introduction for my 10 days, so… Read More