Hey guys, thought I would post about what I carry in my Handbag…. We all know woman’s handbags are a mess (well mine is) hahaha. Ola malta, pensei em publicar sobre o que traigo na minha mala… Todos sabemos que nos mulheres so trazemos lixo (bem eu falo por mim) hahaha. I have a big handbag as you can see from the picture and i believe all i have inside is Junk…. Read More

Hey today i thought i would do a little something different, so decided to (try) and review a series i watched on Netflix. Stranger Things, i watched the whole of the first season and some of the second so i need to finish it, i will be reviewing the first season for now! Ola hoje decidi fazer algo um pouco diferente, vou (tentar) fazer um review de uma serie no Netflix. Stranger… Read More

Hello welcome back to another post. Ola Bem-vindos a mais um Post. To start of my daily post for the next 10 days, I decided I would do a About me Post, just so you guys get to know me a little better. Para comecar os meus post di├írios por os proximos 10 dias, eu decedi fazer um Soubre mim post, para que voces me possam conhecer um pouco melhor. Lets start…… Read More