Hey guys welcome back to Cabana’s World, i promised i would post chapters of my “BOOK” on here for you guys to read and give me your feedback! I have finished some of Chapter one so here is a section of the first Chapter…. More will follow if you guys show interest! Really would appreciate your feedback and comments means a lot to me.   With no me delay here it goes!    … Read More

Hello guys, how we all doing this week?? February has landed… (seriously where has January gone?), people have been telling me they feel like January dragged on, but i didn’t even see it! This month is HEART MONTH,so its hearth awareness in other words. I rather think that we look after our hearts through the year, and not just when it’s February, awareness is for all sorts of heart issues that we… Read More

Ola Pessoal, este post vai ser so em Portuguese por a simples rezao, de o cantor em questao ser PORTUGUES!! ANSELMO RALPH!!Desde o inicio da carreira dele, que eu adoro quase todas as suas musicas! Ele nao so e um optimo cantor mas ” e bom como o milho”. 🙂 Como habitual estava eu a ver o meu Facebook, e apareceu um anuncio que o Anselmo ia vir a Londres! Bem eu… Read More

Hey guys, thought I would post about what I carry in my Handbag…. We all know woman’s handbags are a mess (well mine is) hahaha. Ola malta, pensei em publicar sobre o que traigo na minha mala… Todos sabemos que nos mulheres so trazemos lixo (bem eu falo por mim) hahaha. I have a big handbag as you can see from the picture and i believe all i have inside is Junk…. Read More