Hey Guys, as promised though my social media, the recipe from my last week dinner is now available here..:) INGREDIENTS : Depending on how many people you cooking for i used these for 4 people. 2 Garlic Cloves 1 Bunch Coriander 2 packs of minced beef 1 coffee spoon of tomato puree 150g Balsamic Rice 1 small glass of Red Whine 1 pack of Cheddar cheese Preparation: Peel and grate the garlic… Read More

Hey Guys … still remember me? 🙂 I have been absent from here for a while.. getting used to a new country and life is not easy! Oi malta… ainda se lembram de mim? 🙂 Sei que tenho andado ausente nos ultimos meses… habituar-me a um pais novo e uma nova vida nem sempre e facil! 2020?? What is happening? maybe we can restart this year? All was going well until 2… Read More

HEY guys how are you all? Last weekend (5th July), me and a few friends went to Brighton to spend the night for a mates event. We caught the train from St Pancreas London, to Brighton. Was not a long journey as i had expected, we spoke all the way and had such a great laugh. The hotel that we stayed at was Queensbury Hotel, on the 4th floor with NO LIFTS,… Read More

Hey guys welcome back to my post, this is a up-to date post written at the minute. A bit different but i think its good to show you guys that life is not always a rainbow, we bloggers, influence’s, actors, all have our good days and our bad days like everyone else.   As you know if you follow me on Instagram, i was away for a week in Portugal, went with… Read More