Hey guys welcome back to my post, this is a up-to date post written at the minute. A bit different but i think its good to show you guys that life is not always a rainbow, we bloggers, influence’s, actors, all have our good days and our bad days like everyone else.   As you know if you follow me on Instagram, i was away for a week in Portugal, went with… Read More

Hello Guys!! I know i have been away for AGES, things have been a little crazy the last couple of months. My holidays, Sisters wedding and work!! Let me fill you in shall i? 🙂 Ola Pessoal!!! Sim sei que tenho andado DISAPERCIDA, as coisas tem andando um pouco malucas por estes lados os ultimos meses. As minhas ferias, o casamento da minha irma e trabalho!! Eu vou explicar tudo, bora? 🙂… Read More