Sky Garden Evening Out

Hey guys welcome back to Cabanas World. If you follow me on social media, i mentioned me and a few friends went to visit Sky Garden, we were all pretty excited as we had all seen amazing pictures and reviews of that place. Well we took ages to plan this because we did not want any of the girls to miss it, finally the day arrives! The weather was horrible to start with, raining buckets, wind that could actually make us fly and cold like we had gone back to December time, (this was in March).

We get to Sky Garden at 7.30pm, time we had booked the tickets for. Excitement was high at this stage, could not wait to get in that elevator and reach the top! Well…… the top…… not what i was expecting for sure!


The area was quite dull, very dim lights, the “Garden area was dark, literally did not see a single thing. The window views was OKISH, maybe because it was raining and very miserable weather it did not help, but i was not happy to be honest. The excitement had all dissipated from the moment we saw the lighting. I mean its a GARDEN right? why could they not make it brighter where that section is, if people are going to the evening slots, clearly the visibility will be limited due to the darkness, having a few lights in that area would have made such a difference.


The service at the bar, also needs some TLC. They only had a very small selection of things, by small i mean a choice between 5 or 6 drinks… not drinks that we would normally drink either, drinks i had never even heard off.. me or my friends. Maybe we not posh enough for it. Over all i was unhappy with this experience and was so sad that i did not get to see anything, what should have taken us 1h to do the tour, took us 30minuets. I was glad i did not have to pay for the tour, which is a good thing we do not pay to visit the Garden.

This is just for me to express how saddened i was of this evening tour. We are however planning a summer trip here again, this time a bit earlier and if we are lucky enough hoping to see the sunset from up there. I would love to see that, be such a great view.

Has any of you been to Sky Garden? what was your experience?

Want to make a note that is just my review, my opinion and MY experience, so do not want people thinking i am criticizing or trying to give them a bad name… this is totally just for my readers and my own experience. I believe it is good to see each others reviews, what others think, their experience as we learn from one another, i believe with this post others will realize in winter to go to the evening tour may not be what they want.

This is it for today guys! Thank you again for all your support, see you on my next post.

Ana xx

Hey guys welcome back to another post. Its said today is International Woman’s Day, but let me tell you something… It’s woman’s day everyday! No i am not being snooty, i just don’t see why there has to be a special day where woman are treated well, with respect, given gifts, taken out for meals… why can this not be done all year round?
Ola maltinha bem vindos de volta para outro post. Como se tem dito hoje e O Dia Da Mulher, mas vou dizer uma coisa… E Dia Da Mulher todos os dias! Não, não tou a ser esnobe, simplesment não entendo porque e que ah um dia especial para as mulheres, onde somos tratadas com respeito, carinho, onde nós e dado prendas, jantares .. porque e que estas coisas não são feitas o ano todo??

Woman are beautiful all year round, strong all year round, important all year round not just today! I don’t just refer to woman, i can say the same for men… men are important all year round!
As mulheres são lindas o ano inteiro, fortes o ano inteiro, importantes o ano inteiro não só HOJE! Eu não quero so me referir as mulheres, mas os homens tambem são isto tudo o ano inteiro!

The point of this post is not to celebrate so called International Woman’s Day, but to let all the ladies out there that we are all important 365 days of the year, beautiful and strong 365 days of the year, do NOT allow anyone to tell you otherwise. We all deserve to be respected, cared for and loved 365 days of the year!
O ponto deste post não e para celebrar O Dia Da Mulher, mas sim para dizer a todas as mulheres que somos importantes 365 dias por ano, lindas e fortes 365 dias por ano, NÃO deixem que alguem vos diga o contrário! Merecemos ser amadas, respeitadas e cuidadas 365 dias por ano!

Tell the woman in your life how important they are to you, how much you love them and care for them, buy them gifts and take them out for meals not just on special occasions but any day of the year, we don’t need a special occasion to be taken out and appreciated.
Devemos sempre dizer as mulheres nas nossas vidas o quanto elas são importantes para nos, jantar, comprar prendas e mostrar carinho não so nestes dias especiais, pois não queremos so ser lembradas nestes dias mas sim o ano inteiro!

Saying this i do wish all of your great powerful ladies an amazing weekend and that you believe in your self AT ALL TIMES!!
Para acabar gostava de desejar a todas as mulheres lindas e poderosas um óptimo fim de semana e para acreditarem em voces mesmas SEMPRE!!

See you on my next post guys! Thank you for all your support.

Ana xx

A Plot For My first draft

Hey guys how are you all doing? I have been working on something for a while now and i thought i could share it with you once a week on here.

I have decided to write a book… yep crazy right? I’m into romance books so mine will be one too. My though is i write a chapter each week on here, get you guys to read and give me some feed back. It would be something completely different. I would still be publishing my normal posts as well, so for example Tuesday is a normal post then on Saturday is a chapter of my book. How does that sound?

Today i will show you the story line and hopefully you can give me some feedback.


Rachel is a young girl in her 20’s. Lives with her mother Fiona and her Brother Richard. Her dream is to become a lawyer and defend people from injustice, but her mum has other plans for her and this causes lots of arguments between them. Despite her mothers wishes Rachel goes ahead and finds herself a part time job in a law firm. Here she meets the owner Lucas and falls head over heels for him from day one.

 Fiona discovers that Rachel and Lucas are dating, leaves her furious reason being something that happened in the past. Not wanting this romance to go any further Fiona tries to send Rachel to Brazil.

Tony, Lucas father reapers, had been missing for over 5 years, no hope was given to ever find him. Where has Tony been all these years?? 

Rachael  confronts her mother, why does she have a photograph of Tony in her bedroom drawer.

 Fiona drops the bomb…. Rachel is Tony’s daughter… what will happen to Lucas and Rachel’s future?

So what do you guys think? Want me to have a post about the story? What is your feedback?

Thank you for all your support and i hope i can count with you on this new journey too!

Ana xx



My February Favourites

Hello Guys welcome back to another posit here at Cabanas World!

We  are at the end of another month, is it me or is this year actually flying by? March is few days away, so i thought i would share with you my Favourites for February.

Ola Maltinha, tudo bem por aqui? Bem vindos a mais um post aui na Cabanas World. Estamos no fim de mais um mes, sou eu ou realment este ano esta a voar? Marco ja esta na esquina, entao pensei que poderia partilhar com voces os meus favoritos de Fevereiro. 


I have been listening to more music lately but still with in the Latin category, maybe its my Portuguese side coming out more. I listened to this song before on the radio but at the time i didn’t really pay much attention, only recently i heard it at home and was reading the lyrics so i go more into it. Not to mention maybe that Rodrigo Romeh dances to it on his Instagram profile. Is it just me that find him hot?  The song is MIA FT DRAKE, Bad Bunny. 

Tenho sim ouvisto mais musica ultimament mas continuo a ouvir temas Latinos, talves a minha part Portuguesa esteje a querer se mostrar mais. Ja tinha escutado este tema na radio mas na altua nao tomei muita atencao, so recentment em casa que a ouvi e deu para ler a letra e que fiquei a gostar mesmo dela, talvez de ter o Rodrigo Romeh a dancar para este tema no seu prpfil do Instagram, ajudou a gostar ainda mais da musica. Sou so eu, ou ele realment e um PAO!?  A musica chama-se Mia e quem canta e Bad Bunny.  


I love food, can eat and eat. I used to hate cooking until i came across HELLO FRESH, it’s an online recipe site than you can subscribe and you get a box delivered to your door with 3 different recipes you have picked. All ingredients are included in the box and the instructions too. It’s great for when we are stuck for ideas, for small families as they offer only up to 4 people ingredients. I really enjoy cooking from them they have great ideas, healthy food and really easy to prepare. I’am thinking of doing a post on the recipes i have made so far, i try make 2 a week to break down the norms at home and to help mum out too.

Bem comida e sempre um tema que adoro falar.. comer e comer e o que eu mais gosto de fazer. Odeiava cozinhar ate que ouvi falar do Hello Fresh. Sincerament nao sei se eles tem isto em Portugal malta, mas aqui em Inglaterra e uma Inscricao que se faz e temos uma caiza entrege em nossa casa com os ingredientes todos que se precisa para fazer as tres receitas que voces escolheram. E util para familias pequenas de 4 ou 5 pessoas, eu uso 2 veses por semana por norma para quebrar a rotina da cozinha e ajudar a minha mae. Cozinhar todos os dias nao e facil malta nao e verdade? Tenho pensado em escrever um post so a mostrar as receitas que ja tenho feito deles. Adoro estou rendida malta. 

Note books 

As you probably know it was my birthday and even though i don’t celebrate some of my friends still got me gifts. Two of the gifts was notebooks, they all know how much i love writing and now with the blog even more. Got two medium sized ones which i will be using for something i am planning and you guys will find out when the time comes. Then i got three small ones and those i am using for my blog ideas and drafts. Love them, love stationary in general!

Como ja devem saber, eu fiz anos e embora eu nao celebre alguns dos meus amigos compraram-me lembrancas. Dois deles foram cadernos, todos sabem que eu amo escrever e agora com o blog ainda mais escrevo. Recebi dois cadernos medios que vou usar para um projecto que estou a trabalhar e na altura certa voces vao saber de tudo. Tenho tres cadernos pequenos que vou entao usar para o blog e ideas que me vao surgindo. Adoro estacionario em geral. 

For this month i think this is it. I have brought some new make up and products but haven’t had enough time to be giving you feedback and saying if i could really be considered a favourite. They will be named on my March Favourites if they do fit in. Hope you enjoyed this post, and you maybe can have a look at the food section if you are a foodie like me, its a life saver for busy lives. What are your February Favourites?

Para este mes acho que e so, pois eu comprei alguns produtos, mas ainda nao deu para usar o tempo sufficiente para vos dizer o que acho deles ou se encaixam na minha lista de favoritos. Em Marco se eles realemnt forem um dos meus favoritos, eles entao estaram la escarapados. Espero que tenham curtido este post, talvez se moram aqui no Reino Unido possam ver a seccao da comida e mesmo muito bacano este Hello Fresh. E voces quais sao os vossos favoritos de Fevereiro? 

Thank you once again for all the support and patience you have when i fall sick and can’t publish! Hope to see you on my next post.

Mais uma vez muito obrigada por terem lido e por tudo o vosso apoio, tambem por serem comprensivos quando nao posso publicar devido a estar doente. Espero poder ter o vosso apoio no meu proximo post. 

Ana xx