Hate winter ❄️

Hey guys.

Nothing special today just wanted to say how much I HATE winter. As soon as it starts I get the cold and have to stay in bed to recover, which is the case today. My body hurts, head hurts and I just feel no energy what’s so ever. Though I’d come and say hello and talk about how much I hate this time of year 🙂

Does anyone else hate this time of year? ❄️🤷‍♀️

This is it for today!! See you in my next post! 🙂

Layla’s party!

So as some of you know I had my first glam party this weekend. It was Layla 30th and the party was at convent garden members club… 😱 exciting or what??

We got there at like 9pm the party had already started and the food had already been served 😢 which meant … we was starving. Hey… don’t worry coz there was still alcohol 🍷… not much of it either but we still had a couple of glasses of wine. Spoke to some people, met some new people and had fun. Layla look fantastic and on both her dresses and everyone made an effort to dress up and look glamorous which was so cool.

We went and have a look at the bar next to Layla’s party and there music was blasting.. was good to dance and we got some cocktails.. mine was this one …. We left the party at around 11:30pm and went to Piccadilly for some food! So we ate and drank and had a laugh.. didn’t stay long and we ended up going home in an uber which I love hahah.

Though you would like to know a bit about my weekend haha.

See you all on my next post.. stay tuned. ❤️😘

My passion for jewellery

Good morning!!! Today I wanted to tell you about my passion for jewellery, have always loved wearing it since a young age. Last year I found a factory that has sterling silver jewellery and fresh water pearls 😜. I joined them as a member and managed to get discounted items.. the idea of having beautiful jewellery with pearls that I could actually open the oyster myself was amazing, so I started buying and selling them on doing lives on Facebook with games too make it more fun. Worked for a few months but then it became quiet as more and more people found out about it and could go directly to the supplier themselves. So I’ve stopped selling them BUT, still getting my jewellery for myself every month new items come in and I love it! I will leave a few pics on here of the items and maybe if you guys are as nuts about jewellery as i am, you can let me know and I will direct you! 😍

Thank you for reading once again!!!

Love you see you on my next post!

Wildfires MUST STOP!

In bed listening to music and scrolling through Facebook, like any other night, WhatsApp notifies me of a message received at 22:00 … it’s my sister. “There is a fire behind my house!” My heart raced, I knew there had been fires from top to bottom of Portugal, that is nothing new. Every year Portugal burns more and more but NEVER this close to home! I rang her and got more information on exactly what was happening. When she sent me a screen shot of her cameras, the fire was HUGE.

Within minutes the fire had spread and was surrounding her whole house, people were watering everything around their houses, gardens and walls to stop the fire coming into their gardens, it was out of control and no firefighters to be seen.

At 1am there was no water left in the neighborhood and the fire was still spreading. Finally the firefighters arrived and managed to control the fire which had now crossed the road and was going straight to the front neighbours house, PANIC was what could be felt and seen on camera. Far away and not being able to do anything to help, to protect her house, my sister and her family just watched the flames spread and their neighbours and parents-in-law rushing around without a clue of what to do without water.

Finally at 3am the fire was considered under control and her house was no longer in danger. THANK GOD! Just as I got off the phone to her and made sure her house was alright, I got a Facebook notification…. my parents village has been evacuated due to a fire! It all starts again, the panic, the anxiety, the worry that it will reach their house now and it would all be destroyed. My parents house was still a bit far from the fire so I just prayed it would not reach their road, that the fire would lose force and die, that the firefighters would arrive quick and control it… NO… that didn’t happen! My cousin rings me saying that the fire had now reached the cafe (3 doors away from my parents house) and that the firefighters had told everyone to evacuate NOW! The fire was near a factory that had fuel and other chemicals and if they exploded then there was no way to say what could happen. I rang my uncle to see if he was there, if he could go see my parents house, water it, protect it…. NO ANSWER, connections were down. 4am I managed to reach him… my parents house was out of danger as the day before they had cleaned the garden and watered the soil, also the fire had taken another direction so no longer coming down our road! PHEW THAT WAS CLOSE! Still not safe enough everyone had to leave their homes behind and spend the rest of the night at the firefighters station, the fire was still at the factory and at any moment it could explode. I once again spoke to my uncle, it must have been about 5ish and he told us the fire was put out near my parents house, and the one at the factory was under control but no one was left in the village as everyone had to evacuate, for us not to worry everyone was safe, and the house was untouched. Thank god, nothing serious happened to the houses and the people we care and love, my parents did in fact lose 2 farms with the fire, but land is just land…:).

NOW you ask… Ana why this long arsed story?? Well… for those who know me I have always spoken about these wildfires, it’s devastating to see your home country being burnt this way, being destroyed and turning dark, what once you saw green in 2016 is now no longer there or shall i say it is, but BURNT OUT. One thing that makes me fume is the fact that the government does NOTHING to stop this, they blame the heat, the sun, the dryness… blah blah blah..  all CRAP. The fire that broke out in my village, my city was deliberately put there by some low life who has nothing better to do of his life. What does the government do?? Nothing. Take him in, do some tests and set him free.. Can’t keep him as he has mental issues. Really? Mental issues?? He kills people, destroyed peoples lives and he’s mental?! This really upsets me! Every year I try and promote the firefighters in Portugal and try get people to contribute and help. They have a big impact in peoples lives, people who are caught in fires, struggle to keep fires away, if there were no firefighters, there would be no houses left in Portugal. Most of the firefighters are volunteers, they don’t get a single penny to help others. They risk their lives and some even die leaving their family behind. Please don’t blame them for the fires, don’t blame them for your things being destroyed, they do the best they can with the equipment they have, please support them and help them when ever it is possible. I myself am a member of Bombeiros Voluntarios de Mangualde, (Mangualde is my city, and I support my main station) if you have possibilities to help out too, please do!!

Lets together stop WILDFIRES not only in Portugal BUT in every single country that suffers yearly with this disaster.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog!!! LOVE YOU