Daily Blog Posts For 10 days :)


I saw loads of you doing VLOGMAS/BLOG MAS, but… I don’t celebrate Christmas so I didn’t want to do BLOG MAS posts. I will however do Daily posts for the next 10days, which are the days I’m off work for Holiday Season.

I’ve never done dailies before, as I’m a newbie to this blog business. :), so please  stick with me haha.

This is an introduction for my 10 days, so that you guys are aware that EVERYDAY at 18:00 (6pm) a new post will be published. Don’t want you guys to miss any! haha

Will be writing a bit about everything, not quite sure what I will write about 😦

If you have any ideas of what you want me to write then PLEASE tell me! 🙂


Thank you for reading this BORING post, hope you will like this 10 days Posting..

See ya



My Goals for 2018


We all have dreams and goals in life, but sometimes life takes us another direction and becomes harder to fulfill those dreams and goals.

I have always loved acting, cameras and photos. Life took me a different path and i am not doing anything that i planned when i was younger, but I know I am not the only one.  (am I ?). I know the fact that I am now nearly 30, and haven’t done hardly any of my goals or dreams, is due to my Laziness! Yes i am extremely lazy!! If I had a choice of staying in bed all day everyday… THAT’S WHAT I WOULD DO. The amount of times I have set myself a challenge of getting up early to workout, walk Bica for longer, eat healthy breakfast among other things, but NEVER do it, the only explanation I have is I AM LAZY!I have so many dreams but never fulfill them because I give up on the first wall, I become very negative when things do not go the way I imagined and i give up and stop trying. (This is a big problem that I have to change). I know without hard work and persisting no dream will come true, as it doesn’t just fall off the sky. I believe that if I set my mind and start acting positive to things, keep a routine of speaking to God, asking him for his affection and help, anything in this world is possible!

I have set NEW goals for 2018, I will share them with you and keep you updated with how its all going. Reason I decided to do it this way is so that I know I have said it publicly and you guys will read and  wait for progress and update, one thing I hate is to let people down, doing this Blog will make me do things as I DO NOT want my readers and follower to feel let down by me. (Does this make sense)?) So the goals for next year are as follows:

  • Exercise 3 times a week, reason for this goal is due to my health such as my scoliosis, the less workout I do the weaker my back will get and more pain I will have. (NOT GOOD), exercising even if its at home it will still improve my pain and back muscles.


  • Healthier eating, I eat a lot (LOT) of junk food, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, chips (you name it), next year I want to cut down on junk and start eating fresh and clean. Healthier and bigger breakfast (the most important meal of the day, they say), salad or veg for lunch, and a small portion of whatever dinner is that night, so that I don’t fill up my tummy when it’s late at night and bed time is soon. (Even if bedtime is at 1am, we really are not moving around much after dinner, right?)


  • You-tuber/Blogger, I have started my YouTube channel and also my Blog (your reading it now ), I know for a FACT that if I don’t see interest, subscribers, followers or views moving up, I will feel disappointed and want to quit all of it! (yep that’s me, I’m a quitter), want to change this next year! I don’t want to stop blogging and YouTubbing just because my views are low or no one is subscribing, deep down I know this takes time, eff or and handwork. QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION FOR ME!!

I’m hoping with your help and support I can reach my goals this coming year, show you the results and maybe even inspiring you also to become more positive and reaching your goals too. (Can I count on you?)


Thanks for reading. See you on my next post

Love ya xx

My Dream Of Travelling The World

Since i was little I’ve always gone away for the summer, but would always go to the same place… PORTUGAL. Obviously i loved it, its my home country, my family was there and i looked forward to seeing them and being with them for the 3 weeks, every year we would drive from London to Viseu, which took us 1 day and a half if not longer depending on how often we stopped, i LOVED the trip it was so much fun, the happiness and excitement every time we see Portugal on the highway boards… its just so much fun!!20150816_074011[1]

Moving on to the important part of this article, i have always loved travelling and wanted to see other countries, but there was 2 things stopping me, 1st my family in Portugal, if i travelled else where i would not be able to see them for summer, 2nd i HATED flying, couldn’t get in a plane, the thought of being thousands of meters of the ground and relaying on strangers to keep me safe, was so petrifying that i just couldn’t.

Everything changed 4 years ago, when my Nan passed away, my older sister and her family finally came and live in London too, she was living with my Nan since she was 18 years old and stayed by her side until she left us, was a very difficult period in our family but life carries on… and she lives in our heart and memories. 🙂

So saying this my 1st excuse was cleared, i now had all my close family with me in London and  i didn’t have to wait a whole year to see them, which meant i could travel more and start my dream. yup-iii!! The one thing stopping me was the fear of flying, heights and i didn’t know how to control it, so with the help of my two friends Cat and Xana, we went to a Portuguese Island called Azores (Acores), this Island is gorgeous i fell in love with the nature that it has, the mountains, waterfalls, views… i can’t explain how excited and happy i was to be able to be in that Island. We had a chance to go Whale Watching too.. was scary but at the same time AMAZING. Had to take 2 planes to get there but i can say it was worth the panic and anxiety for sure! I also forgot to mention this was NOT my first time in a plane, i had travelled to Rome with my college 10 years ago, but for some reason at that time i wasn’t as scared, (weirdo) yes i know!


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This summer 2017 i done another PUSH in my anxiety of flights and heights… I went to AMERICA!! 7 hours in a plane, i thought i was going to have a heart attack, i went to my GP and asked for tranquillisers and explained to her my issue, she kindly gave me 2 tablets to take in an emergency.., Obviously my brain kept telling me to take it, it was like a radio over and over (Ana take it… Ana if you don’t take it your going to have an attack..), BUT i took deep breaths and i went into the plane, sat down and was so glad to see that i had a TV, headphones and a BLANKET, OMG, never been in a plane that had all these things… i was so excited that my anxiety disappeared, i started watching a movie BAYWATCH (with Zac Effron and Dwayne Johnson), i mean can you find anything more interesting to take my mind away from the plane??  i was in heaven! So basically the whole trip was a blur, watched film after film, had food and by the time i realised we was hitting the ground. phew!



Not long ago i visited Paris for the weekend with my  friend Thuy, if you have been following me on YouTube, you will see the video i made from that weekend away. 🙂 For this trip we didn’t go on a plane, (Thank God), we took the Euro star from ST Pancreas-Kings Cross. Took us 2 hours and a bit i think to get to Paris. Loved the city, Loved their Metro so easy to go around in, and LOVED LOVED the Eiffel Tower at night, its amazing! Every hour they light it up, with all sparkling lights and it just so beautiful! No wonder they call it the Romantic city!


So these are the places i have visited in the past 4 years or so, and i would love to visit many many more, i have a few on my list that i want to start ticking off, such as :

  • Mexico, Cancun, wanted to go there for my 30th birthday, but i chickened out as its so far. 😦
  • Indonesia, BALI, also planned to go there too for my 30th, again its far, but i also left it too late for booking the flight and hotel that now its just so expensive, so guess that’s also NOT happening. 😦
  • Greece, Kalamata- it’s Europe so i am hoping to be able to tick this one off in 2018.
  • Tenerife, Not sure when but i love to go here looks amazing.

As you probably realised or maybe not, all these destinations have something in common  …. BEACH, SUN, AND AMAZING VIEWS! I love hot weather, the beach for the sand and the sea, the nature it self makes me relaxed and happy, so for me any destination that can offer me these things is a place that i would LOVE to visit!! I will keep you posted as i go and tick off this list 🙂 NOT sure how long it will take me… BUT i will let you know when i do! heheh!!


Thank you for reading this long post, but though id write something different this week!!

Have a great weekend and see you on my next POST!!

Love you All!! xx



My faith and Believes

IMG_3270.jpgWelcome back to another post! 🙂

I have been debating weather or not to write this post, but came to a conclusion that YES i should, i want to be as open and honest with my readers as possible and want you to know things about me.

From an early age i was taught that God exists and is the Creator of all things, my family have always believed in God and the bible. My father is a catholic and my Mother is a JW ( Jehovah’s Witness),both believe in God but in different ways.

I was baptized as a Catholic,and attended Catholic schools throughout my academic years, in between these years i studied the bible with JW brothers and sisters, as mum was still studying on and off.

In 2013 me and mum started studying regularly with two JW couple Amy & Andy, who had such big patience with us, as we didn’t always make time for the study, didn’t go to the meeting on Saturdays, cancelled the study day blah blah blah, we was not very good students at ALL!! It took us months to get into the study routine and attend the meetings. I found it easier and more interesting once i got to study the bible myself with some magazines given to me by the brothers, every night i would take 20min to read and talk with God. Studying and having the meeting prepared helped me want to go to the meetings, wanting to hear the other brother and sisters answers and what they had to say, made me more happy every time i went. I started going every Saturday and studied with Amy & Andy every week, done my personal study every night before bed.

I know we all have our own faith and believes, i have lots of friends who are Catholic and we all have different views on faith. Ive studied both Catholic and JW, and for me i believe more on the JW version of things as everything they say in the meeting there is passages in the bible that give us facts and i really enjoy reading the facts and how God always helps the ones who are faithful to him. JW congregation is like a big family who are always there for one another. We don’t believe in saints and statues, don’t celebrate Birthdays, Christmas or Easter, as there is no passage in the bible that tells us to do this, you don’t need these occasions to give presents or to show someone you love them or care for them, you can do this any time of the year!!

Some people i know don’t see JW as a very good religion and think they are annoying and pushy, BUT, we are not! The reason we tell people about the bible, knock at doors, give out leaflets in the street, its all the same JESUS done when he was on Earth, he too spread the word of God to everyone, the reason for this is in the bible.

This post is not to convince anyone to change their believes, BUT its for you to know about me and also a bit about what i believe in. God is very important in my life and i speak with him every morning and night, thank him for the life i have, my health, and all my daily things. I believe without God, i would be nothing, i wouldn’t be happy, have a life, and have such amazing people around me.

If you want information on JW or bible passages that you want to read to see a fact that means a lot to you… then just leave me a comment and i will definitely show you one.

Thank you for reading yet another post, hope you enjoyed it. See you on my next Post next Friday!!