Barcelona Gate-away

Hey Guys, welcome back to another post. I have to apologize as I haven’t been posting as planned, reason being… I have had to move out of my house and temporarily living with my sister while the flooring is done at mine. As soon as I am back to mine then schedule will continue.. please just bear with me.

I went to Barcelona for a break with my best friend Thuy Chau.. was her Birthday and mine.. heheh so we decided to go away. Went for 3 days and unfortunately didn’t get good weather, it was raining all the time and a bit cold. (We didn’t think it through.. it was FEB).

The first day (Sunday), we arrived at the airport and went though the bag collection and the security.. when we finally got to the cab… Thuy as smart as she can be..gave the driver the WRONG hotel address, only after driving for 20min and probably near to the hotel she had said.. was when she realized it was not the right one!! (JESUS LORD bless the driver). She showed him the correct address, where he then says it is on the other side of the city!!  Basically what could have cost us 30 euros actually cost us 60 Euros!

We got to the hotel finally… do our check in and go up to our room, LOVED IT !! The view was GREAT (if only it was sunny), the room was so welcoming that we decided to just relax or a bit. To be fair we didn’t know if we wanted to go out as we could hear the rain from the room.

After debating ab0out it, we decided to go to the central and have a look as it would be a complete waste of time if we just stayed in! We went to the closest metro station and found the line we needed to get to La Sagrada Familia.When we got the the stop and got off the rain seemed to have got worse and we just stood there looking at each other debating weather to go for it or get back on the train and go to the hotel. (seriously we went up and down the station exit god knows how many times). We decided to go for it and managed to still take a couple of pictures, walked a bit but seen it was a Sunday everything was closed and hardly anyone around… so… what dd we do??? go back to the hotel!!! hahahah

So we stayed at the hotel the rest of the evening, I had a hot bath seen I hadn’t had a bath for ages (seen my parents removed my bath tub and replaced it with a shower),put on our Pj’s and chilled!! That was the end of the night.. we though.. 11pm and we both became hungry!!! What did we do?? got dressed and run across the road to MC’DS!

The following morning we got up for our breakfast which was amazing, love breakfast from the hotels hehehe, we got ready and left to go explore Barcelona! We had pr-paid for the Hop on-Hop off Barcelona Bus Tour, we had to find the stop where the bus would collect us from and from there it took us all around the popular places in the city. Do I have to say we DIDN’T leave the bus to see any of the sights as it was pouring and bloody cold!

We got off eventually near the shopping area of the city Les Ramblas (I think that’s the name), we done some shopping (obviously), then had something to eat at their food court, the view was amazing unfortunately we got distracted with a cute guy and we forgot to take pictures! We then made our way to the marina side to have our delicious Paella. Loved the restaurant the waiters were friendly and fun and of-course the food was delicious!!

On our last day we got up and had the amazing breakfast, then had to prepare to do the check-out. We walked around the shopping center for last minuet shopping and gifts, then had our last lunch in Barcelona which was .. Burger King, we got this cute super happy guy that served us.. I have never seen someone so happy in their job like him! The way he spoke was like he was in an advert on TV. He made us laugh and definitely made our day! (There should be more people like him). Caught a cab to take us to the airport and OH MY GOODNESS dangerous driver alert!!! Change lanes with out warning, cutting people up, speeding.. Jesus help us! BUT we got there in one piece!! hahah

That’s the end of the mini break, I will be going away again end of March for a Hen Party to Amsterdam so I’ll post about that too!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little-Long post and see you on my next one!! Thanks guys!!

Ana xx

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